• LS wool flanel
  • Helly Hanson LS polypro top and bottom.
  • Smartwool T-shirt
  • Under-armor boxers
  • Costco wool socks
  • Stocking Cap
  • Clothing Stuffsack
  • Thermarest Guidelite 3/4 sleeping pad
  • Marmot Arroyo 30deg down sleeping bag
  • therma rest pillow
  • first-aid toiletries
  • Scrubby thing, pack towel, handkerchief
  • FY Saw 2.0
  • Gerber Multi-tool
  • Petzl Tikka XP headlamp
  • Sunglasses
  • Cheater stick fire starter
  • Bike Tools, Tubes etc
  • Bowl and Spoon Fork
  • Hennessey Hammock with modified suspension (first trial)
  • Sawyer water filter bottle (first trial)
  • Pack Stool (first time to bike it in) ditched
  • Peaches
  • Roast Beef Hash from Trader Joes
  • Chips (ditched)
  • Granola Bars
  • Emergen-C electrolytes
  • Beer, Whiskey, Fiesta dinner will hopefully be hauled out by some fine folks in a car this particular trip.

SON Packing List for Middle Fork Snoqualmie

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Grant Petersen from Rivendell coined the S24O, I like it, it has a pretty strict time line built in though. SON or Single Over-Nighter indicates a similar amount of time but up to 36 hours I suppose. It just happens to take a little longer to bike out of Seattle and get to some nice spots. I didn't really feel like I needed to coin another acronym I just didn't want to abuse S24O too much.

Packing Comments:
I thought I was going a little bit 'lite' since there will be other people driving later. Basically all I see missing is a stove and more food. I'm sure the stool makes up for that. June has been chilly and wet so hence the extra layers I may not need. Joeball mountain is in 2 weeks and the kits should look about the same minus some layers and the stool.

I dicthed the camp stool , chips, swaped the thermarest for a silver sun visor, swapped the bowl for a mug and smaller spork before i left home.

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  1. arsbars 58 months ago | reply

    what is it all going in?

  2. lantius 58 months ago | reply

    i liked how the sawyer worked out on the jack pass ride. so convenient to just scoop and slurp.

  3. WillJL 58 months ago | reply

    Middle fork? That's our neck of the woods!

  4. joeball 58 months ago | reply

    Arsbars, gear as packed here, only thing I ditched was the chips, since they can easily be purchased on the way an not be crushed.

  5. abamfici 58 months ago | reply

    I love when you take these photos.

    Since you're missing a stove here I thought I'd mention that on a whim I picked up the GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset www.rei.com/product/784114 just before Ben Country 5. It has a great nesting design (stove & fuel fits inside) and I give it a big thumbs up.

  6. fundenphoto 58 months ago | reply

    How did the Hennessy Hammock work out?

  7. joeball 58 months ago | reply

    The hammock worked even better this weekend when I remembered to bring cordage for the rain fly after I had changed the suspension. I wake up in the night wayl ess in the hammock than in a tent it seems.

  8. fundenphoto 58 months ago | reply

    Cool, thanks. I'd definitely like to try one sometime. Seems like it's just about the lightest-weight option - and I don't often travel in the desert, so there's a good chance I could find trees.

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