Italy Visit / Jauffen Pass Descent
After spending about fifteen minutes at the summit, taking in the expansive view. We were so high that the bottom of the valley was no longer visible. On the way down, we were behind a high end white Audi sports car that was hindered by an unusually slow rider on a motorcycle. Motorcyclists were everywhere, most likely attracted by the sharp curves of the road and most would often fly by cars, sometimes several at a time ,before arriving at a hairpin turn. Most curves were blind and motorcycles, racing at high speed, would suddenly appear from around a corner without warning at high speeds. At the other end of the spectrum was the surprise of slow moving farm tractors, making their way down the mountainside. The Jauffen Pass was quite a driving test for all types of vehicles on the road. This was an amazing experience, I will never forget, a pleasant surprise during our tour of Italy. As we finally arrived at the bottom of the pass, we proceeded back on the highway, through Austria, and eventually arrived back into Germany.
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