GAPP 2012 / Tour of Munich Part # 1
My final big adventure of my three week stay in Germany was a day trip with my host family to the capital city of Bavaria. The city of Munich (Munchen) was completely destroyed by allied bombing raids during World War II as a major industrial hub and headquarters for the Nazi Party. Today the city is rebuilt and once again, an industrial giant, making it one of the wealthiest cities in all of Europe. One of our first stops was to see the famous musical animated clock on top of the Town Hall building that comes to life at 11:00 AM each day. We toured famous buildings, opera houses, museums, and universities. It reminded me a lot of the city of Washington D.C. as there were no skyscrapers and culture, history, and monuments were in abundance in every direction... The buildings were massive in size divided by wide streets, accented with beautiful green trees... The city had several parks including the famous English Garden where were dined in the huge biergarten that evening. It was yet another fun place to explore and discover!
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