GAPP 2012 / Salzburg - Hilltop Fortress
We continued our slow climb up the steep cobblestone pathway to the hilltop castle fortress... After making it to the gate tower and buying our tickets, we then continued up from one level to another until we finally made it to the main level, which appeared more like a small town within walls. There were trees, a cafe, and multiple buildings. We went through a small doorway and from the top of an iron staircase, we suddenly witnessed the stunning view of the city far below. We descended to an observation platform and soaked in the incredible views in every direction... Our host led us to several other observation decks that showed a stunning views of the river valley and towering Alps to the south. A storm was approaching through the peaks of the mountains, which later gave us a little light rain after our descent back into the city by way of an incline railway. We had lunch at a cliff side terrace cafe that had once been home to an old successful brewery. It was an incredible experience in every way!
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