• Laser cat approves
  • pic18F4550 - www.create.ucsb.edu/~dano/CUI/PIC18F4550datasheet.pdf

  • Joy stick w/ other controls X2
  • unusual panel meter
  • de rigueur cell phone
  • Solenoid
  • wall wart
  • big ass copper heat sink with integrated fan. real nice if you are into building pc's
  • something to something converter (forgot to examine closely)
  • Bag of red LEDs
  • optical mouse guts
  • mouse guts
  • cables/wires (SATA cable included)
  • breakout adapter for some kind of high density package that I don't know the name of and can't be bothered to google.
  • really nice beefy DC motors with optical encoders for feedback. Basically makes them servo motors!
  • tiny 3V air pump

TGIMBOEJ intj-38 what I found in the box

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Contents of TGIMBOEJ intj-38.
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contact me if you can prove your worthiness (or at least your existence).

More documentation to come, I am scouring the garage for what to put in.

  1. David Scott Cole 50 months ago | reply

    What exactly is the nature of this box? Looks like something fun.

  2. Josh Kopel 50 months ago | reply

    The answer to your question can be found in the box itself, and, of course, here tgimboej.org/
    You can be next if you would like!

  3. Josh Kopel 42 months ago | reply

    Still looking!!!

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