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MoSabattier Dead Tree & Escape Road.12 | by mcreedonmcvean
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MoSabattier Dead Tree & Escape Road.12

homes,construction,unlikely to ever be occupied because of the severe prolonged drought,awaistlack of planning,ignorance,denial of the power of nation,blinded by the pursuit of profit,greed causing suffering,demonstration of the single minded "rules that dominate corperate policy,vigorously supported the the current political party which has complete control of government from state and local,all the way to congess,this must and will be stopped evenif it means blood in the streets,the GOP believes that the opposition to this value system and is attempting to turn this society back to the middle ages with two classes of people,the super rich @ 3 & and poor @97% are and heve been treason,their plan to take over the government so that they can destroy it by the mechanism of the Pallin Credit Ceiling bill would accomplish their goal of destroying the economy and crush all social serviecs including Medicare,support for heath care,educatio,and all human services. It will be stopped by a highly motivated resistance of ordinary Americans of all ages,races and walks of life. If the government panics and triese to clear the streat using violence the resistance,thanks to the NRA, will shoot back and they are better armed than the police,even the national guard will bee unable to clear the streets without the use of tanks and that means massive destruction of the cities,no one except the super rich will support that,at that point the GOP with very very weak leadership will be shocked with the fact they are not kin control, put the people are as they should be.

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Taken on October 16, 2011