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last stand

This is the 9th and last (that I will upload here) in a series of promo images taken with the Milton Keynes Parkour Club. There web site is in the process of being updated so is worth going back to soon.


This is my personal favourite from the whole shoot.


This is the 2nd of the must have shots from the shoot. I had several meetings with Ruel prior to the day. One of which was to review some location shots that I had taken, of which this was one, and another was where the 2 of us ran the circuit of locations together so he could demonstrate what they could do and I could try and plan the day. On that day, one lunchtime, Ruel skitted up to the top of the underpass, not taking the stairs and pulled a handstand right there and then. At that time of day there are a lot of office workers walking underneath. It was great to see there faces :-)


On the morning of the shoot we arrived here mid morning. It was pretty deserted apart from a few people coming out of the Jury's Inn Hotel. It's funny to see how tired some people seemed to be after a heavy night, especially as we'd been shooting since 0730.


Being a street portrait photographer it is now very hard for me to resist an interesting subject. As we were taking setup shots at ground level this group of youths walked past obviously doing the "walk of shame", it wouldn't suprise me if they'd slept in Campbell Park. It was to good a shot to miss taking a quick snap of the girls who were obviously still pretty "dazed" from the night before! See below.


We drew quite a bit of attention when taking this image and I was worried that the police would show. At one point a helicopter flew overhead and it reminded me of a story Swampy posted about being stopped when shooting on a similar bridge.




"3" light setup. I say 3 but there were actually 4 strobes in play. See below setup shot.


1) SB800 attached to the end of the Manfrotto clamp on the decorators pole

540EX bungeed to the stem of the umbrella

Both fired with the, thank god I invested in them as ebay triggers would have failed in this shot, PIIs


Simon can clearly be seen here but for the actuall shot he is about 1.5m to camera left and was out of shot for the final image. The basic angle of the umbrella is the same though.


2) 430EX on stand which gives the rim light. This was cloned out with an empty shot.


3) SB28 to illuminate the underpass, angled up at the ceiling.


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Taken on July 26, 2009