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Fresh Sea Food | by Andy Brown (mrbuk1)
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Fresh Sea Food

(Honourable Mention in the 2012 International Photography Awards landscape category, as part of my 'Sand, Sea & Silence' set of five photographs)


(Published in What Digital Camera, May 2013)


There's no denying what a draw out of season, desolate and seemingly remote beaches are to a black and white photographer. Stripped not only of colour but also the trappings of the tourist season, locations like this one take on a certain air that the hordes of flip-flop wearing, ice cream eating, deck chair lazing people will never experience.


Back in the summer I dropped in on this beach a couple of times. Well, I at least tried to. The first occasion I was deterred by the logistics of trying to combine three equidistant points on the sand to place my tripod without spearing a sun bather. The second I couldn't even park - I cruised by at the speed allowed by the rest of the queing traffic (approx. 1mph), and proceeded to get caught up in a horrendous one way system courtesy of numerous inter-connected road works. What council plans road works in a seaside town in the middle of summer?!


Compare this then to a couple of weeks ago when the only people I saw here were either other photographers, or quite mad. Or possibly both. One thing's certain though, you're much more likely to find me with my camera on a beach come January dressed in jeans, boots and a wooly hat than in July wearing sun glasses and shorts.


Winter is for moody, introspective mono. Summer is for polaroids.

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Taken on January 23, 2012