3d pan white

Reignite (Fuji GX617)

Currumbin Sunrise, Gold Coast, QLD


I've been a bit quiet lately on the photo front... That doesn't mean I haven't been trolling around on flickr admiring the new work of other photographers. In this case, Tim Wrate's latest upload grabbed my attention and really got me inspired to post something -- in this case, from the archives.


The 6x17 medium format world seems to be exploding recently, with a bucket load of interest throughout the interwebs it seems. Certainly is a fantastic format, and considering I'm not sure how much longer I'll have this loaner GX617, it really does make me want to go out and shoot it as much as I can :)


I'm just happy to have been able to have shot in this infamous format and have some lovely 120 transparencies to show for it.


Anyway, I know this shot looks really dark....it was pretty dark to begin with unfortunately, so it suffers a bit in the shadow detail. It's begging for a rescan on an Imacon or drum, which might be able to suck some more detail out -- any recommendations? Seems there's nothing here in Brisbane (or when there is, grossly overpriced).


Shot Details:

Fuji GX617 w/ 105mm Fujinon Lens

Singh-Ray 4-stop Reverse GND Filter

Lee 2-stop Soft GND Filter

Fuji Velvia 100 film


Anyway, hope you enjoy :)


Cheers, Bernie

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Taken on September 18, 2010