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Boot Camp Photography - Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California | by D Breezy -
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Boot Camp Photography - Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

Here's the boot camp photography crew:


Aaron M




Josh C


Go check out their work. All of these guys are great guys, with good personalities, and their photography skills are sick. You won't be disappointed.


What is boot camp photography? Let's start off with the definition of boot camp and how it relates to this trip


boot camp


1. A training camp for military recruits.

2. A correctional facility that uses the training techniques applied to military recruits to teach usually youthful offenders socially acceptable patterns of behavior.


1. US slang a basic training camp for new recruits to the US Navy or Marine Corps

2. (Sociology) a center for juvenile offenders, with a strict disciplinary regime hard physical exercise, (which was the only part of this definition that had anything to do with us) and community labor programs.


My definition of boot camp photography


1. traveling at high speeds from location to location

2. traveling at high speeds from location to location in excess of 20+ mph over the speed limit

3. getting pulled over by CHP (BOTH vehicles) at 2 am going 88 mph

4. checking your iphone every 5 minuets to get current weather updates


6. red eyes from the LACK OF SLEEP

7. conversation about Galen Rowell's epic images - J. Cripps and I

8. saying "I need some coffee" every hour due to the LACK OF SLEEP - Jave

9. saying "I need something to eat" every hour - ME

10. did I mention LACK OF SLEEP

11. telling yourself that you have to go to the bathroom, but holding it for the next 3-4 hrs - that would be ME as well.

12. having fun, with a great group of people.


This was the routine the minute we stepped off the airplane. Jave tells Aaron M. and I that we have to boot camp it down to the first location. I'm like what the hell is boot camp? I'm fully aware now of what boot camp style is, so If Jave tells you that you have to boot camp it to a location, just be prepared.


What an awesome trip we had! It was non stop action from day one. Tons of driving, tons of images, tons of laughs, tons of shooting, and lack of sleep, would be another description of this trip. I estimated that we drove between 950-1000 miles within 2 days, and spent about 16-17 hrs driving time. That's crazy, but I would do it again, even with the LACK of SLEEP. Too many stories to tell, i'm sure you will here about them in time. Thanks to the great group of photographers/friends for a awesome trip. We will do it again, but next time, we'll need more sleep!

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Taken on October 31, 2010