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'Crouching Bird, Sleeping Tiger' (Tampa,FL)

The first hour or so at Busch Gardens in Tampa was spent dealing with a monumental tropical storm. While the majority of park visitors ran for shelter, we got our ponchos on and went for it which turned out to be a great idea as the place seemed deserted.


It was fairly early so when we got to the tiger enclosure, the Tigers were still sleeping and of course our presence stirred them slightly but not enough for them to get up off their sleepy back-sides.


There's actually a dome in there enclosure that you can go up a ladder into so you can get right inside their enclosure. The other Tigers were sleeping right up against the glass at the dome which gave me a great opportunity to get some puctures of me messing with the Tigers by sticking my tongue out at them, making faces behind their heads and giving them the middle finger - all good and acceptable when there is an inch of plate glass between you and a man eating cat!

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Taken on September 6, 2011