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'Behold The Mother Of Antoninus' (Cumbernauld,Scotland)

My hometown of Cumbernauld in Scotland has been the 'Winner' of the infamous 'Carbuncle Award' several times. Unfortunately this is a rather unwanted accolade for the town as the Carbuncle award is only given to towns deemed the most dismal places to stay in Scotland.


Fortunately the 'Cumbernauld Positive Image Project' has fought back and along with a new section built on to the Town Centre building they have also commissioned the magnificent new statue that sits alongside the A80 road that runs through the town.


Behold the statue of Arria Fadilla, the mother of Roman Emperor Antoninus who legendary exploits are still very much tangible within the Cumbernauld area to this day most notably with the Roman Bath house ruins in Twechar and the Antonine wall that runs through the Nothern area of the town.


The statue was designed by Andy Scott, is 33 feet tall and cost £250,000 to create. It also lights up in the evening and cycles through numerous colours.

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Taken on January 14, 2011