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'The Secrets Of The Parrots' (Loro Parque,Tenerife)

This was one of the less crazy shots I took of these mad Parrots. Out of the shots I took of them this was the one I found the least interesting until I decided to revisit them a few weeks ago.


I love this one because it looks like these Parrots are sharing a few secrets - maybe discussing the latest aviary gossip or calling all the photographers in the vicinity rude names! Although this looks like an intimate, tender, bird moment do not be fooled - these characters were on full-on entertainment mode.


When I'm at work and i'm having a crap day and everything sucks i always turn to the photo I took of these feathered comedians at Loro Parque in Tenerife to give me a laugh.


Me and Paula were enjoying an afternoon stroll around the park when we came across the aviary that these good friends were in.


I brought out my camera to take Paula's photo and the one on the left saw the camera and started nudging his buddy and posing for the camera. His buddy wasn't as enthusiastic so he kept badgering him until he struck a pose. There was some cool photos in the sequence of their crazy, hilarious parrot behaviour - their best pose can be seen hitting the link below :-




POST PROCESSING - First problem with this was the composition. I was in such a hurry at the time to capture the crazy parrot-behaviour that I was all over the place. So I cropped the image to a better composition using the 'Golden Ratio' rule - i don't know if it worked out properly but I certainly had it in mind when I was recomposing this shot.


My next mission was to soften the blurriness on the parrot on the left caused by his animated behaviour. This was done by duplicating a layer and then masking it in gradually into the original.


After that I sharpened up his pal on the left because he is the focal point of the shot.


Last I desaturated the background slightly and then added a nice vignette to cap it all off - tweet!

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Taken on May 25, 2010