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The Misfit Church (London,England)

I found this curious building just off of London Wall in the City Of London.


This tower is all that is left of St.Alban's church which was obviously removed to make way for future developments.


It looked totally out of place sitting slap bang in the middle of a road surrounded by skyscrapers and other towering contemporary architecture - a nice bit of the past situated right amongst the present.


It makes me sad to see old buildings and landmarks completely demolished for new property developments to move in and take their place so I think that City Of London should be commended for keeping a bit of the local history alive and in a tangible form. We could learn much from them up here - where supermarkets, housing estates and other modern eyesores are consuming everything in sight including the old landmarks.


Well done London!


POST PROCESSING - The movement needed repair by masking in an original RAW image into the Photomatix result. The only other thing I did was a radial blur and a little darkness round the sides of the image to add a little more interest to these areas and allow the church tower to stand out more.


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Taken on September 10, 2010