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Living In The Ruins - The Feathered Dweller Of MacDuff Castle (East Wemyss,Scotland)

I took this photo in 2009 during a pleasant afternoon walk around the ruins of MacDuff Castle in East Wemyss, Fife.


This beautiful little character was sitting up in the ruins like a statue when we discovered him and he maintained this excellent pose while I snapped away.


I posted this photo on here a good while back, filed it under 'job well done', patted myself on the back and thought nothing of it but after obtaining a copy of the excellent 'Topaz Adjust' post-processing software with my birthday money, I decided to go back and give this old-favourite a new lease of life.


POST PROCESSING - Firstly I ran it through Topaz to sharpen up the original image but I felt that the background was overpowering the bird and the interesting rocks in the foreground so I took it back into Photoshop and created a layer mask using the original image as a background. Using an opaque, feathered (no pun intended) brush I then took the unwanted edge off of the background. After that I decided that I liked the rocks in the top right so changed the brush colour from black to white and reintroduced the rocks sharpened in Topaz.


Here's a link to the original so you can make the comparison :-



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Taken on June 20, 2009