History of Web Frameworks 2010

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    The history of web frameworks as described by a timeline of releases.

    Add your favorite frameworks by forking this OmniGraffle file at GitHub:


    2013 version at www.flickr.com/photos/mraible/8588701778.

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    1. Sébastien douche 62 months ago | reply

      Very interesting but you forgot Zope 2 (1998, first opensource framework with object-oriented development) and Zope 3 (2002, first opensource framework with IOC).

    2. RyanNorris 62 months ago | reply

      Why do MS frameworks not qualify? Do they not exist?

    3. Chris Winters 62 months ago | reply

      It might be interesting to see the date of the first production-ready Rails on JRuby as well -- though it's getting crowded!

    4. mraible 62 months ago | reply

      @Sebastian and @Ryan - I've added Zope and MS frameworks to my todo list.

    5. mraible 62 months ago | reply

      Update on Feb 23, 2010: Added PHP frameworks (WordPress, CakePHP and Symfony), Zope 3 and ASP/ASP.NET

    6. brian.silberbauer 62 months ago | reply

      ..and none of them solve the problem, yeehaw!

    7. AlanWilliamson 62 months ago | reply

      Is this frameworks or languages?

      Servlet is not a framework - is a layer to which others are used.

      CFML ?

    8. mraible 62 months ago | reply

      @Alan - it's frameworks. It originally started with much less clutter, but I've added released based on demand. While servlets aren't a framework, they're the foundation for many Java frameworks, so I think it's interesting to see when specific versions were released.

    9. piczoom 62 months ago | reply

      it's much better to see the web frameworks history represented in graph, it's help you to which web framework you should choose for your next project, based on its history.
      thank you mraible for the effort for collecting all the frameworks in one time-line graph.
      i agree with @alan, that's servlet is not framework, but just layer.

    10. Ignacio.Coloma 62 months ago | reply

      @piczoom, @alan:
      > servlet is not framework, but just layer.

      Neither is safari, chrome, tomcat or spring 1.0. But they are great reference points.

    11. translucent_eye 62 months ago | reply

      Thanks Matt, this is great!

      David Sachdev

    12. JacksonR2010 62 months ago | reply

      Can you please edit the timeline to include Opera ?


    13. mraible 62 months ago | reply

      Update on Feb 24, 2010: Added Opera 4 and IE 6 releases. Removed WordPress.

    14. Geeno 62 months ago | reply

      Excellent !

    15. AndreSchroeter 62 months ago | reply

      WebObjects is missing (NeXT 1995 / Apple 1996)

    16. mraible 62 months ago | reply

      @Andre - Yep. AFAICT, the first web frameworks were WebObjects (1996) and Zope 2 (1998). I didn't add them to this timeline because it starts at 1999. However, I do plan on mentioning them during my talk at this year's TSSJS.

    17. Phēromone 61 months ago | reply

      I'm not sure I get the colors choices. Is there a reasoning behind?

      Maybe a color code by language type would be useful.

    18. mraible 60 months ago | reply

      @Phēromone - the logic behind the color scheme is that they match their logos' colors. The gray ones are standards specification releases. Feel free to fork on github and change the colors.

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