Reading Glasses

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    Recently, I've been having trouble reading small print, in low-light situations. I've always had perfect vision, in contrast with my dental and other issues, so it was quite a shock when an optometrist told me I needed reading glasses due to Presbyopia. The thought of aging-related vision problems was depressing enough, and I didn't want to buy those glasses they sell at CVS, so I did some research and bought a pair online that I thought looked decent, Seattle Eyeworks 812. They came with a cleaning cloth that doubles as an eye chart. Whoa, I can see things close up again! This should improve my typing accuracy on the Blackberry. Fortunately, beyond about 14" my vision is still excellent without glasses, but I'll probably eventually need prescription eyeglasses of some kind.

    1. philliefan99 54 months ago | reply

      D'oh. I once had an eye doctor tell me that I was going to need bifocals sometime in the future (though not yet...fingers crossed!). That makes me feel old.

    2. Julaquinte 54 months ago | reply

      Made me smile. I've just recently found that I can't read the small print if I'm wearing my glasses. And I must admit I'm not taking well to this none-too-subtle sign of old-age!!!

    3. keithstand63 53 months ago | reply

      Maybe eye exercises could help. I've never been one to take the easy way out and getting bifocals seems to much like admitting defeat.

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