Einstein Planetarium Tickets

Two tickets to the Journey to the Stars show at the National Air and Space Museum's Albert Einstein planetarium. I thought it would be a good rainy weekend activity, and it was pretty interesting. The scenes where the viewer is transported up and out of the galactic plane, to reveal the full Milky Way were pretty visually stunning, but I was disappointed in the overwrought, hammy narration. I expected more of a monotone PBS-style voiceover.






ivivalamolly faved this
  • philliefan99 6y

    Cool. Went there once a few years ago.

    Vegging in front of the TV was a great rainy weekend activity, too. So was sleeping. ;)
  • Mr.TinDC 6y

    I did catch up on sleep as much as possible, but without cable, TV wasn't too enticing and our Netflix movie was stolen from our mailbox. Was in the mood for science/astronomy, having not seen the real sun and stars in so long!
  • Marcellina. 6y

    Oh man, I should have done that! Would have been more enlightening than watching my son beat Uncharted 2 (PS3 game).
  • philliefan99 6y

    It was probably also better than the football that we got to see -- two awful games to watch in the Redskins-Chiefs (dreck) and Eagles-Raiders (awful performance by my Iggles).
  • Steve Page 6y

    Neat image ....
  • The Natural Capital 5y

    Thanks for using a Creative Commons license -- I used this as an illustration for an article on planetariums in the DC area, with a link back to this page. Stop by and give us a review of the show you saw!
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