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FUNYWUD - Bumper Car - No Longer Street Legal

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No room for a surfboard. During the evening cruise about seven or eight bumper cars appeared travelling single file. They were the hit of the evening with everyone, or so it seemed, wanting to crowd around them, including MR38. They are street legal and have real license plates. I don't know whether they are original bumper cars or if they were made to look like bumper cars. The engine, lawn mower style, fits under the driver's seat. They make a wonderful mini-roar. 750cc Kawasaki
February 15, 2010: Just learned that DMVhas revoked the registations for these bumper cars.

"It was a mistake by the field office staff, said Jan Mendoza, a DMV spokeswoman."

"Our registration division was sent these same photos some years back, and have since corrected their registration," she said. These cars no longer have California plates, she said."

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  1. cfishy 71 months ago | reply

    I wanna make one, too. how do i get it street legal?

  2. Sohab 88 71 months ago | reply

    This is just soo cool!

  3. digitalshay 71 months ago | reply

    i need one of these :)

  4. BinHaider 67 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Q8 cars, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  5. Les_Stockton 47 months ago | reply

    I hate bureaucracies. They act like we work for them, rather than being accountable to us. I see no justification for revoking these vehicles from street use. If a motorcycle is legal, why would these not be legal?

  6. nesg24 [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    true true

  7. Aaron Andrews 1941 38 months ago | reply

    What a great idea. These cars would have been lost and junked and the newer generation would have never know what they were . So cool, thumbs up.

  8. mlhradio 35 months ago | reply

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  9. jazzerelli 34 months ago | reply

    Here in Idaho you can ride, legally, ATV's on the roads, as long as they have head and tail lights, brake lights . Not sure if they have to have turn signals as you can use your arm signals for that...so, I would think these little bumpers rods would be great. As long as they have working lights. I WANT one. So much fun.

  10. grumpy418 29 months ago | reply

    As usual,,,they can't stand to see ANYTHING that is outside of their little views.It goes the same thing for golf carts,,,if it don't fit them,,then don't even ask!

  11. johnguzzetta 25 months ago | reply

    Please contact me when these are available for sale: johnjguzzetta@yahoo.com

  12. fjmessina1 24 months ago | reply

    If this were legal, I'd buy it in a minute.
    But then Ca DMV and the Fuel Co's would feel cheated.............

  13. Wolfman4u 23 months ago | reply

    Leave it California lazy DMV to make them legal then say they made a mistake as far as Iam concerned the whole CA DMV is one big mistake.

  14. york2018 23 months ago | reply

    Are there any for sale?

  15. skipper1930 22 months ago | reply

    Where can i buy one

  16. je4115 21 months ago | reply

    It must have been fun while it lasted. So sad that they're no longer legal. I loved those license plates. I hope that someone saved them.

  17. athirtyseven 21 months ago | reply

    Love them and being from Michigan I'm sure I could find a way to license one even if it was restricted. Where can I find the plans or the actual car? I agree that it appears that the underpinnings are four runner chassis but if not building one would be fun and driving it more than fun.

  18. almbldr 21 months ago | reply

    These are the slickest! I remember the days when I was a kid. This is the best, and I remember my days in Long Beach riding too. What a fantastic way to save the original bumper cars and make them usable again. I hope to see the DMV smarten up and let them run on the roads.....some of the junk they let run in California should be "reviked" and these I am sure are much safer and better built to last. Good luck in the future.

  19. michaelblood1 20 months ago | reply

    how can i get ahold of Tom Wright?

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