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pvc pipe lock | by mr-quad
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pvc pipe lock

I apologise if this has been done before an easer way I couldn’t find any thing about it in any searches or posts I have read and done I hope it is of some help to some one the total cost of clips to do 4 frames was £3.95 for 100 clips


This stops any twisting or separation of your pvc frames. you don’t have to glue any of the fittings to the pipe so you can take apart the frame and make other structures using every pipe and fitting. These are very easy to make I used the thick plastic strap that packs of house bricks come banded together with and 4.8mm x 9.6mm pot rivets (bigger headed rivets would be better but I couldn’t find any) bent 90degreese at the base. Just cut a 5in piece of the plastic strap drill a hole at one end the size of the rivet shank elongate the hole a bit by pulling on the strap once the drill has gone through. Bend the rivet to about 90degreese put the shank through the hole in the strap then rap a piece of duct tape around the shank of the rivet and the strap. Now bend the strap so the other end is in line with the head of the rivet (don’t let this end go past the head of the rivet as it doesn’t seem to work so well it can be a bit shorter though) the bend of the strap must be narrower than the with of the pipe so it is a V shape when you look inside the pipe not a U shape. Each one takes me about 30 seconds to make.


The hard part is drilling every pipe and fitting exactly the same so every pipe can fit in any fitting. I assembled the frame and laid it flat on the floor making sure every pipe was pushed all the way to every fitting then I used a small piece of paper aligned with the seem of the fitting and the front edge of the fitting I then put a pin hole in the paper in the middle and marked the pipe using a fine point fibre tipped pen. I then drilled both the fitting and pipe at the same time using a 5mm drill. I then used a big drill bit in reverse to counter sink the holes in the fittings only. You then just take the spring lock and slip it in side the pipe so the rivet goes through the hole make sure it moves in and out freely (some times the hole will need a very slight enlargement for variation of the rivet head) then just line up the rivet with the hole in the fitting depress rivet push pipe in to fitting and the rivet will lock in to the hole. To undo depress the rivet all the way in with thumb twist a bit then pull

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Taken on February 2, 2011