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Ow | by mr brown
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It's a Saturday and I'm riding downhill on Lornie Road towards Farrer Road at more than 45kmh in my Dahon Curve. It is both exhilarating and scary at the same time.


Especially that part just before the exit to PIE towards Tuas, where I had to move two lanes to the right to get out of the left-turn-only lanes leading into the expressway.


I am sure riders of road bikes hit these speeds very often. But commuter riders like me, on a foldie with 16-inch wheels, only enjoy these speeds once in a while. So excuse my enthusiasm.


You'd think this was the kind of thing that got me into Tan Tock Seng Hospital for X-rays the next day. at 11pm on a Sunday.


But noooo, it was a silly careless moment fiddling with my bike computer with my right hand while riding out of Sunset Way carpark on a Sunday afternoon, reacting to a sudden increase in speed from a slope by braking with my left hand... yes, that's the front brake.


Over the handle bar I went, landing heavily on my right shoulder and hitting my right ribs on the bar ends. Oh, and I also polished the carpark tarmac with the skin of my palms and right arm. Had to forget to wear the gloves that moment. I lay there for about 20 seconds having a little difficulty breathing. It made swearing at my stupidity a little harder too. Picked myself back up and completed my trip.


My brother drove me to TTSH at 11pm. I was a little worried because the last time I was there, tail end of the SARS period, I was there from 9pm to 6am.


The doctor saw me after an hour and a half. Not bad. Nothing broken, the doctor said to me, after looking at the X-rays. Just rest and take the painkillers, she said. I left for home at 1.30am.


As I was getting into the cab, I was thinking to myself, damn midnight charge.., if I had my bike with me, I wouldn't need to pay so much for the cab home.


I laughed at the thought, only to wince from the pain at my ribs. No more fiddling with stuff on the saddle next time.

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Taken on November 17, 2007