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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Month of Performance Art-Berlin.

The MPA-B 2012 programme presents over 100 different projects at 67 locations throughout the city, and features innovative and experimental work by hundreds of artists, curators, producers, networks, organisations and initiatives from Berlin and around the world.

Running for the whole of May, MPA-B 2012 truly reflects the creative force injected by independent artists into the city‘s performance art scene with an eclectic programme of indoor and outdoor performances, workshops, lectures, actions, site-specific interventions, talks, performance art marathons, experimental music and unique audience encounters and interactions.

MPA-B is a month-long platform dedicated to highlighting, promoting and interconnecting the wealth and diversity of independent, contemporary and experimental Performance Art practices thriving in Berlin. Running for its second year in May 2012, MPA-B brings together independent artists, curators, producers, venues, networks and organisations, which operate beyond and across the boundaries of institutionalised and mainstream performing arts structures.

The only Performance Art project of its kind in Germany and beyond, MPA-B brings experimental and groundbreaking performances to the general and specialized public alike. With its diverse programme and geographical outreach, MPA-B opens up the world of Performance Art to as wide and diverse an audience as possible. It also exposes and supports the work of artists, curators, and producers by serving network development, artists‘ mobility, cross-cultural encounters and collaborations.

MPA-B 2012 TEAM:
Project Manager: Francesca Romana Ciardi
Additional support: Florian Feigl, Andreas Galeano, Nathalie Fari, Joern J. Burmester, Joel Verwimp and Stefan Riebel
Press/PR: Florian Feigl, Francesca Romana Ciardi
Photographers: Marco Berardi, Leon Elias Donath, Maria Jesus Ferrain, Laura Gianetti, Alexandra Gneissl, Luciana Lardies, Roland Anton Laub, John Matturri, Thomas Peter, Aleks Slota and Glen Stoker
Catalogue Design: Polina Tikk
Poster Design: Jessica Broscheit
Web Designer: Francesca Romana Ciardi


Established in 2011, the Month of Performance Art is a non-profit and artist-run collaborative platform devoted to the development and advancement of Berlin’s independent, experimental and contemporary performance art practices.