SOOC - Straight out of camera
Those rare images that don't need any additional tweaking or adjustments to colour.

Images with minor corrections such as dust removal, slight cloning or re-compositing are included here, too.

If I go back to just a year ago and look at my workflow, I can see that much time was spent in Photoshop working on my images. Adjusting colour, tonality, tweaking a shadow or highlight here and there. Within the last couple of months my time spent in Photoshop has dropped drastically. I don't find that I need to spend as much time fixing my images because I'm happy with how they are directly out of the camera. Part of me is a bit sad as I did enjoy the time spent in Photoshop, but another part of me is overjoyed at being able to capture the final image in-camera without any additional work required... It's a tug-o-war between the two parts...
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