largest metropolitan area in the world. Simply amazing.

I've been to Tokyo in the summer of 2008 for three weeks to take pictures of the future.

What I found was even more impressive. The future has begun a long time ago in Tokyo, and so the whole city has a face, there has been so much organic growth - no masterplan, the city has been shaped by individuals desires. The the result is a structure that seems alive, even if you do not see the inhabitants, as this is usually the case with my long time exposures.

All my romantic cyberpunk dreams have been fulfilled in Tokyo. I wish I could have stayed even longer.

All these photos have been shot with a sinar p2 8x10 large format camera. Basically I have been doing location scouting by foot during daytime, and brought my camera in in the evening to make 4 pictures max (short time frame for blue hour). So I returned with less than 100 pictures. But 30 or something are quite impressive - and these I am going to post here.

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