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Hello Flickr! It's been a while. I have no time whatsoever to keep this updated, now that Hurricane Ike is on it's way to Florida and!! I don't have a digital camera anymore :(.


I had to use my sister's Nikon (baby) Digital. I'm broke, but I finally got a job at Publix! So, hopefully I can get some good cash out of this full-time job. Because I need to buy a bunch of stuff especially so I can pay hopefully my Flickr Pro Account because it expires in October, if not, then it's bye bye for me till I get money again ;[!


I start school by the end of this month! I'm excited, I hate being stuck at home bored while everyone else is having such a productive day!


I've been having awkward dreams lately as well, this somewhat sums up what's been one of my most recent dreams? I don't know! This has the Peter Pan look doesn't it? bahhh, I have plenty more where they came from though, so be on the look out!


Please, View On Black :]


Also, a special thanks to!

Kristin Manson


Michael Fitzgerald

Katie Blaesing

Esther Miller


For the wonderful testimonials! Thanks a bunch!


And of course Ghostbones for the texture!


I miss all of you :) I'll be back for sure soon! xo


  • Kristin Lucco 7y

    Hurricane Ike hits tonight :X So I'm gonna lose power :(:(:(

    Galveston is already underwater and it hasnt even hit land yet.
    I live like an hour or so drive from Galveston :X:X:X
  • Desi 7y

    Oh CRAP! that's right, you live in Texas. We were SOOO lucky down here in Miami, it went the other way instead but we had the outer bands and it was crazy, well on my end.

    Ugh, I hope nothing bad happens around your area, I wish you luck and be safe! :{! <3
  • Kitti.. 7y

    this is amazing :) i absoloutley love it!

  • Hammonds Babies 7y

    This is adorable!!
    Awesome work!
  • Katherine McAdoo 7y

    you have such adorable photos that are so well taken!
  • Sarah Croswhite 7y

    lovely :)
  • Desi 7y

    Thanks you all <3
  • Clarissa 7y

    sooooooooo awesome
  • shaina longstreet 7y

    i am totally in love with this shot. amazing post processing. :)
  • Desi 7y

    Thanks to the both of you!
  • Clatjw 7y

    i love your expression :D
  • Desi 7y

    :DDD ty
  • Elin 7y

  • Desi 7y

    Thank you
  • :::Barb 7y

    OMG!!! How cute!!!
  • Desi 7y

  • thedannie 7y

    fairy!! <3 love this one :D
  • Desi 7y

    :D Awesome thanks!
  • Linda's photography. 7y

    like an awesome dream you dont want to wake up from
    this is very pretty and VERY creative lovely job!
  • Desi 7y

    Thank you :D
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