Sand Collection
I collect sand.

I travel a lot; sometimes to rather unusual places. The sand I collect helps remind me of the places I've been and acts as a metaphor for the diversity of those places. Unfortunately, a lot of the places I travel to for work I can't talk about, so I can't post pictures of sands from there (or at least I can't label them truthfully).

I find it amazing how different one sample of sand can be from the next, even for sands collected very near each other. Also, I am frequently surprised at what I find when I train my lens on a sand that looks boring to the casual glance. My sand collection is a natural target for one of my other hobbies, macro photography.

I've only recently begun photographing my collection after being inspired by a William Blake poem:

Know what it is to be a child ...
To see a world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

I'm always looking to add more sand samples to my collection. My desire to photograph sand and see what secrets it holds far outstrips my ability to collect it myself. If you find yourself near sand of any sort and feel like contributing, please do! Ideally, a contribution of sand would consist of at least 30ml of sand (a full film canister, though more is never a problem), the location where it was found (GPS coordinates, a Google Maps link, a Google Earth .kml file, etc.), and some description of where you got it. Remember, even sand that seems ordinary to the human eye can be exquisite in macro!

I'll photograph every sample I receive and post the results here. Send me a message for information on where to send sand. Any username will come to me; be creative.
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