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107/365:  Curious Chip Is Curious | by MountainEagleCrafter
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107/365: Curious Chip Is Curious

Say hello again to a sort of mascot where my "sig fig" works.


Chip got his name several months ago after setting off the burglar alarm in the plant at night. When the boss types and the police couldn't find anything wrong they were about to leave in puzzlement. There was a "MEOW!" and the cat emerged from a (scrap? waste?) bin, covered in aluminum chips. Instant name: Chip.


I think they had a hard time collecting the alarm company fee from him.


He had quite a lot to say. My best guess at Cat-to-English translation:


"Hey there human. I remember you from a couple months ago. I see that other human a lot, how come you're not always with him? Why are you here on a Saturday? Nobody's working. Where's my food treat? And what's that thing you're pointing at me? YAY FOOD! Wait, why are you suddenly ignoring me to kiss that other human? What does 'yarn store' mean? It sure made you happy when he said it! MROW? Hello? "


Photograph is SOOC except for cropping.


107/365: 17 April 2010

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Taken on April 17, 2010