Les Noces du Moulin vues du ciel
Elya Yalonetski et sa fille Polina ont ouvert un photo shooting permanent pendant les 2 jours des Noces du Moulin les 15 et 16 juin 2019, donnant lieu à une série de 96 oeuvres dont une sélection est présentée ici. Le duo d'artistes a arrangé les visiteurs et les artistes des Noces dans des compositions originales où la théâtralisation du quotidien est mise en scène.
"http://www.yalonetski.com/photo" La série complète est sur la page facebook d'Elya Yalonetski.

“Les Noces de Moulin” event in Le Moulin Jaune (Yellow Mill) was a two-days enchanting festival near Paris organized by Slava Polunin. During two days of continuous photo shooting an artist duo, ElyaYalonetski, and her elder daughter Polina has created 96 original photo artworks, arranging the visitors and performers into amazing compositions.
Elya's views on art and photography perfectly match Slava's laboratory concept. She looks for and emphasizes the elements of theatre which are inherent in human daily interaction but are concealed from view. She brings them to light even if they are deeply hidden. Arranging her compositions, Elya focuses on the perspective – she shoots overhead standing on a above of her set. Photoshoot participants are invited to lie down on prepared background and “face the sky” which gives them the opportunity to relax, break away from daily routine and loosen their bodies.
During the session in "Les Noces de Moulin", Elya had to work extremely fast, spontaneously imagining roles for each individual who was brave enough to take part in it. Polina, who chose the appropriate accessories from the selection of fancy paraphernalia found at Le Moulin Jaune, and adjusted poses, helped her mother to create the stunning images.
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