• Time to upgrade to an iPod photo so you can complete the illusion. - BenSeese


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  1. lists&diagrams ages ago | reply

    those colours are some of the best i've seen. but where are your desktop icons?

  2. jonknee ages ago | reply

    Love it! Almost makes me want to try and poke the screen just to make sure it's there (like a clean sliding glass door).

  3. BenSeese ages ago | reply

    I think the colors seem so spot-on because there are very few colors. The wallpaper is very nearly monochrome. Look closely, and you can see that the reds are a little more saturated on-screen than in the background. But yeah, it does "work" really really well.

  4. Nick Douglas ages ago | reply


  5. hundrednorth ages ago | reply

    Flawless illusion!

  6. Derek K. Miller ages ago | reply

    Best one of the set. And for listsanddiagrams, you don't have to have icons on the Mac OS X desktop, and you can hide the Dock too.

    Hooray for the black Pro Keyboard too!

  7. iDanSimpson ages ago | reply

    awesome. well done.

  8. iDanSimpson ages ago | reply

    check out the iPod. inspiration from BenSeese

  9. lysdexia [deleted] ages ago | reply

    wonderful, but needs more elements

  10. PiXEL_SLAvE ages ago | reply

    Def one of my favs..

  11. karslmitc 101 months ago | reply

    everythings old!!!

  12. SerialCoder 93 months ago | reply

    This image has been added to the Flickr Museum for making explore's top 25. Kudos! You can check it out HERE...

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