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My tribute to a fallen Wolf Spider.

Oh, noble beast thou wert.

As those of you who follow my Photostream know I have been plagued with "dead" spiders who, when placed into photographic position, suddenly came back to life and high-tailed it when I went to get my camera...or were still there, but it takes some work and some patience to photograph a spider in super-micro mode when said spider is wanting to beat a path to parts unknown.

I thought I had another "possum" with this spider in my garage, but after several days I was convinced that he had indeed kicked his little spider bucket.

Dead spiders sure are easier to super-micro than live ones, I can tell you that!

What a beautiful creature! What magnificent detail and complexity the Creator has bestowed upon these little wonders! How noble, and full of grace! This is my photographic Ode to this deceased spider, and the shell of his beauty that remains.


His mummified remains now reside inside with me along with the mummified remains of a toad.
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