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Testify | by Zoom Lens
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This flower measures 1/4" in width at its widest diameter.




THE FLOWER ABOVE is in the set...


"Weed Flower Micros," my very first set of these ultra-tiny flowers:






The photographs in my Weed Flower Micro sets may appear to be close-ups of regular-sized flowers – they are not!


These are micro (macro) photographs of tiny little flowers which bloom on ordinary weeds found in my lawn.


How tiny? The largest weed flower in the set is only, when measured across its widest part from petal tip to petal tip, 3/4" in diameter (19mm)!


Some of these miniscule flowers are so small that the entire blossom you are looking at is 1/4" in diameter (6mm)…or smaller. Again, that’s measuring from petal tip to petal tip across the widest part of the bloom.


The smallest part of a weed flower that I have managed to successfully shoot and achieve good detail in is a photo I made of a bud that measured LESS than 1/32" in diameter (0.7mm) across its widest part!


For relative size references I have included a photo of certain flowers and buds next to the head of an ordinary paper match, which dwarfs the blooms and buds.


It’s delightful to discover the beauty, complexity, and variety in something so small that it’s easily ignored, taken for granted, dismissed as a pest, or just downright difficult to see with the naked eye.


And it’s an even greater delight to realize that this incredible beauty has been growing wild in my lawn, year after year, right under my un-seeing eyes as I’ve repeatedly mown them down with my lawn mower, never realizing the unseen beauty that I was trampling under my feet.


It’s the most challenging form of photography that I pursue, but I have a lot of fun making these photos for us to look at; I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I do.




My photographs and videos and any derivative works are my private property and are copyright © by me, John Russell (aka “Zoom Lens”) and ALL my rights, including my exclusive rights, are reserved. ANY use without my permission in writing is forbidden by law.


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Taken on August 16, 2012