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The World keeps on Spinning | by Zoom Lens
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The World keeps on Spinning

I wanted to make a long exposure of star trails, so long as to get them in a circle. Well, can't do without stacking short-exposure images together. The noise is so high at long exposures with a DSLR (even at ISO 100) that the noise blows out the photo. Even this one I had to post-process heavily to edit out all of the noise I could with my limited ability with editing software, but it looks pretty cool and gives the right idea.


Here's how to do it with short exposures stacked together:


Too much hassle for me...I'll look at other's excellent photos and be content with what I do. :)




Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by the night sky full of stars. It conveys to me a sense of romance, mystery, intrigue, adventure, and indeed -- the supernatural.


I have attempted to capture and portray some of those feelings with my photographs, and to also create something artistic and creative--interpretive, if you will--that's "off the beaten path" when it comes to night sky photography.


Many of these photos will seem to be quite unremarkable...until you view them at their original sizes and then incredible vistas bloom from out of the darkness!


Yes, I could have done more light painting, or I could have used longer exposures or higher ISOs and made the landscapes easier to see...but it is, after all, the night sky, isn't it? And the night sky gives us...darkness.


Pull up a chair with me and let's turn our gaze to the heavens once again, and return to the wonder of our childhoods.




More in my set, "Star Light Star Bright:"




My photographs and videos and any derivative works are my private property and are copyright © by me, John Russell (aka “Zoom Lens”) and ALL my rights, including my exclusive rights, are reserved. ANY use without my permission in writing is forbidden by law.

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Taken on November 14, 2011