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Yeshua (the Jewish way to say Jesus)

Yeshua (the Jewish way to say Jesus) Luke 4;18-19 James 4_10 Isaiah 52;7 Oxana oxana1 "modern Ruth" (the book of Ruth) Eve Nabal Tree1 Neztah Israel Clock Jer kotel Tel Aviv 1 Tel Aviv Tree1 Haifa Bay Downtown Haifa Different view

The bible really effected and changed my life since I became a believer in Yeshua the Messiah, my life got a new meaning, and i changed my ways completely.

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~All for Love's Sake~ God Bless you !!! [deleted] says:

Beautiful set of photos, Moti !!!!!!!!!
Yeshua Bless you for sharing your testimony and love and faith In Him !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 65 months ago. ( permalink )

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