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Loved Land

This is a story of a land, more specifically, a farm. It is the farm owned by the Crawford family in Texas where it borders the Red River and the state of Oklahoma.


This land has been in the Crawford family since 1948. What you are viewing above is the "backyard" of the family homestead situated just off of camera right. The farm totals over 600 acres; it is used for growing crops, dairy, and ranching.


This land is now in the capable hands of Julia Trigg Crawford as its care has been passed on to her by her grandfather.


So, why do I bother to tell you about this seemingly mundane story? Why should you care?


No doubt by now most of you have heard of something called the Keystone Pipeline, which is to transport Canadian tar sands bitumen through from Alberta Canada down to the Gulf coast of Texas. And it is here shortly after it has crossed under the Red River will it take a journey right through the heart of Julia's beloved land.


Julia has been one of the few to take on the behemoth TransCanada in court to spare her land the devastation of a tar sands oil leak. Last Friday I stood with her in court as she fought the company that would take her land without her consent. A foreign, privately owned for profit company will steal her land with the approval of the US government and the State of Texas.


And this is why this piece of land matters and this is why I tell you about it. I am putting a face to the land that the pipeline will cross under.


For a well written follow-up story of the trial, more images of the land and Julia and her history click here.


If Julia's story moves you, (and know she is far from being alone on this) you can sign a petition online by a trusted source here.

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Taken on August 10, 2012