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a sweet sense of deja vu

canon EOS-7 + Helios40 85mmF1.5 (with Y2)

/ Fomapan400 - selfdeveloping Rodinal 1:25 EI400


One day I found my old Helios-40 ( converted to EOS mount ) in a drawer of the desk in my office.


I started to shoot photograph in digital a few years ago with EOS 5D2 then I moved to films and sold those digital cameras and lenses but could not sell this lens.


Yes, I love the lens so much - then, I sold my Leica IIIf and SemiIkonta ( 531A ) for EOS-7 - an old canon film SLR. I did not think about purchasing those film EOS, but I did without regret.

Now I gotta shoot 35mm films with both EOS-7 and Rollei35S.


そもそも数年前に EOS kiss3で撮り始めた写真。5D2に買い換えてあちこちにでかけました。その後フィルムに目覚めて、5D2やLレンズを売ってフィルムカメラにどっぷり。そうしていまにいたるわけですが、最近机の中にしまっておいたHelios40を発見。フィルムに移行する、とはいってもどうしても売ることのできなかったレンズ。5D2も手元にはないしなあ・・。


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Taken on May 14, 2012