Sandfields 2012
Sandfields Pumping Station first visit in May 2012 since barred all access to the origional Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station

Sandfields Pumping Station was built in 1852 to supply clean water to the Back Country because 'The natural sources of water have mostly failed and been diminished by reason of the mining operations carried on in the parish and neighbourhood'. The waterworks supplied water to Wednesbury Tipton, Kingswinford, Bilston, Darlaston, Oldbury, Sedgley, Stourbridge and Rowley to name but a few.

The building contains one of the finest examples of a ''Cornish Style' beam engines built by Jonah and George Davies of Tipton, therefore was an integral to the industrial development of the area.

The waterworks is now redundant, and the land was sold to a developer in 2005 who now owns the building and engine. The building and the engine have Grade II* listed status.

Sandfields Pumping Station saved peoples lives
And sent fresh water to the Black Country.
Nothing clean to drink, struggle to survive,
Disease from cholera meant cemetery.
Fresh drinking water powered workers` hands,
Igniting foundries in the coal fields;
Engines pumped clean water across the land,
Legacy from the engine and Lichfield.
Deaths there had been in thousands and laments,
Source of communal water being impure.

Pumping Station, life-giving monument,
Universal for the rich and the poor.
Meagre reserves of water, it was dire,
Pump Station - and cholera could not last,
Industrial growth like a furnace fire,
New water-borne disease was in the past.
Generous Lichfield, for water in need

Sandfields engine washing away despair;
Thousands were saved by Lichfield`s worthy deeds,
An immortal story of human care.
This history is not in the school books,
It should be recalled for posterity;
Ordinary people and overlooked
Now forgotten - but its our history!

11th November 2013, Ian Henery
Walsall Poet Laureate 2013 – 2014

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