Catching Up, Trafalgar Square

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    It was a lot to take in.

    Later on, I saw a girl reading another edition of the paper, with the word "CARNAGE" across the top. I thought that was a bit unwise, as we were on the bus at the time.

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    1. liliths_nymph [deleted] ages ago | reply

      So poignant.

    2. Monkey Magic ages ago | reply

      So you made it back in from Windsor then?

    3. Luke Robinson ages ago | reply

      Yep. I got an earlier train, getting from Windsor to Waterloo was in fact the easiest part of the journey. It was getting from Waterloo back to the East End that was interesting... but in the scope of things there were a lot of people having a lot worse days than the likes of me.

    4. Monkey Magic ages ago | reply

      true. Until last week I was doing a similar commute (Kilburn to Reading) - thank God for business downturn and being chucked off my project.

      my condolences to everyone.

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