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Summer, 2009


This is probably the last photo I will upload with the Hexar (maybe, unless I stumble across another one) as I have sold it over the weekend. It just wasn't getting love and use it deserved for being such an amazing camera.


Anyway, as for this shot. Lisa actually got mad at me for this one. I clearly remember taking this shot: I was at a red light waiting to turn left, I reached back for the camera while it was still red, but by the time I got it out cars had started moving. So I'm trying to remove the lens cover and camera from the bag all while in the middle of a turn. Meanwhile, the idiot in front of me decides to go as slow as molasses, thereby making it hard for me to gauge the speed I need to be driving while not paying attention. So I'm turning on the camera, making my turn, judging the sunlight, still making my turn, setting aperture, me yelling at the idiot in front of me, Lisa yelling at me to put away the camera, looking again at the light on her legs, looking back up to finally finish making the turn at the slowest speed known to man, and finally making the shot at the very end! Success! Now if that's not persistence, I don't know what is, ladies and gentlemen. Stupid? Not in my books! To know me is to know extremes.

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Taken on August 16, 2009