• I finished this bowl of rice!
  • I only had one and half of this potato pancakes.
  • I demolished half of this kimchi.
  • Tore off and chomped on a couple of this cabbage ears.

Pancake 빈대떡 Reads Catalogs

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I had another dinner read tonight... embarrassing and sadly, this time it was not any good book, but clothing catalogs I have been wanting to browse... Replay Blue Jeans, and G-Star Raw. Obviously, there are not much reading around those emaciated looking models sitting around looking unhappy, in clothing I wished were more affordable.

빈대떡 = bin-dae-dduk

Part of my Read and Eat Series

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  1. chocokat0718 111 months ago | reply

    Aww, hehehe, I can understand lusting after clothes. ;)
    Nice meal, Mo-Mo (can I call you that?!).

  2. moriza 111 months ago | reply

    he he Nice to have you back Kat.
    Ok-Ok you can call me Mo-Mo!
    You better go to one of my robot and be the first to comment so I can call one of them ChocoKat!
    I will aslo send nice you print of it.

  3. yorkers & hirosophy 111 months ago | reply

    Large portion of rice..
    York & Sophy

  4. moriza 111 months ago | reply

    York and Sophy. I always eat a lot of rice and just a bit of other stuff. :)
    Yum yum!!

  5. fouramjava 111 months ago | reply

    The pancakes look delicious! Homemade? I think I'd like the recipe! :-)

  6. .incognito. [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

    i can finish that whole bowl of rice..of course depends how hungry i am,hehe!

  7. jennM photography 111 months ago | reply

    i admire your sense of taste in fashion, art and food!!! ☺

  8. YoungToymaker 110 months ago | reply

    Mmm yummy.. i miss bibimbab at Gamiok. oh, and their radish kimchi is the best in NYC!!!

  9. Farl 110 months ago | reply

    I want to taste the pancakes.

    and yeah, there are really some overpriced stuff. you pay for the brand actually.

  10. moriza 110 months ago | reply

    Laurie, it was delicious... We might have to ask Young_Toymaker for the recipe.

    Mim, me too. I can always, this bowl small for my term.

    Ahh, Jenn, I just like to look over the catalogs... but thanks!

    Young, come over soon! I have already made reservation for you. I tip the waiters for extra radish kimchi ;)

    Farl, next time you are in NYC. We'll explore Korea Town! I am sure you will find lots of interesting food and things to do.

  11. Prato9x 102 months ago | reply

    The potato pancakes look very interesting. Hope they are spicy. And is the kimchi having meat, or is it merely vegetarian?
    Appetizing photo, pancake and kimchi-wise.
    Honestly, there is no time for reading!

  12. moriza 102 months ago | reply

    Prato9x, the potato pancakes were not spicy, but the side dishes were... the kimchi, sans meat. I think Korean food is my favoritest food, is are very healthy, huge varieties and extremely delicious

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