EO in her kitchen.

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    My friend EO had me over for dinner and chat. I haven't talk to this dear friend of mine in such a long time. She was one of my art directors, gave that up and went back to school for forensic psychology. She then worked as a director of Juvenile Justice Program for The DOME Project. before rejoining my team again. Such an amazing girl.
    She has this cool kitchen which I love, I am sure she won't mind me sharing...

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    1. eoconn 112 months ago | reply

      snailbooty asked if my cooking is as snazzy as my kitchen. well, you'll all have to come over for some eats soon. the answer is secretly yea, sort of. and to everyone else who likes the color, it's firehouse red (Behr brand) and anyone can do it.

    2. moriza 112 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone on your nice comments...
      So guys let's all go to EO's for dinner! She can cook!

      @ Dock18: I know what you mean, he he sma problem here.

      @suryanishinta: Dia temen kerja ;) Kalo soal dasyat yah, kamu masih top lah~
      ha ha ha avatarnya itu auranya karena cameranya yang goyang gitu lho. But green for fortuned? I'll take that! :)

      @EO: thanks for commenting in...you gonna put up some of yer pictures soon right? And replace them default buddy icon with cute mug of yours!

    3. Maha AlYousif 112 months ago | reply

      I really like this photo..It took me back to the 70s posters..very nice shot and beautifull setting

    4. Farl 112 months ago | reply

      her kitchen is really neat and awesome

    5. moriza 112 months ago | reply

      Maha and Farl: Thanks! I processed the color to get this look, but still the kitchen is neat to begin with ;)

    6. Pantalon 112 months ago | reply

      What a gorgeous portrait!
      (Dear Moriza, I hate to write this, but I am not sure if this excellent shot really belongs to the Conversation group. A single person talking on the phone can still be seen as a 'conversation,' but in this shot I don't see it. Hope you would understand my point.)

    7. moriza 112 months ago | reply

      Pantalon, you maybe right!
      he he I might have clicked on it when adding to Color directory ;)
      Or maybe I did ite because we were in a conversation when I snap this picture... she looks like she is talking, no? Thanks :)))

    8. -Antoine- 112 months ago | reply

      As others have said, that kitchen truly is awesome. Can she come decorate mine?

    9. moriza 112 months ago | reply

      Ah, Merci Ant, I will sure ask her for you! he he

    10. Cryptik 112 months ago | reply

      That is indeed one cool kitchen.

    11. bLooPhynix 112 months ago | reply

      amazing girl indeed. love the kitchen!

    12. yota [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

      thanks for adding me as a contact!
      love your digital x-pro!

    13. emmeaki 108 months ago | reply

      The kitchen is so cool! I want to go have lunch there! I like the fact that EO didn't pose for the picture, you just caught her as is.

    14. sin!sin! 99 months ago | reply

      lovely colors ,,,

    15. Auren_Glytterkat 87 months ago | reply

      WOW great colors, great shot. That's awesome.

    16. moriza 87 months ago | reply

      Thanks to and I am sure EO loves to hear that you guys like her kitchen.

    17. Tetley T 68 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Kitchens: ovens, stoves, world kitchens..., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    18. ighimirey 64 months ago | reply

      It is very good

    19. Kate Blackport 61 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called I Love Your Kitchen, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    20. Tetley T 41 months ago | reply

      Great shot!

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