• He he he he, Go ahead Mim.
    I couldn't make up my mind then...
  • A day old replacement camera. Panasonic Lumix LZ5.
  • little sweet fried eggs :) - Gabistar
  • My friend is crazy about them fried eggs!!!
  • how did gummies get in here? - racingsquirrel
  • drooling?? :p - YoungToymaker
  • He he he, you know it ;)

Sweet Choices

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  1. Alfriston Cottage ages ago | reply

    Aquí lo llamamos CHUCHES.

  2. moriza ages ago | reply

    Hi bLoo! Yup Goodness, I was in heaven.

    Andy, gracias! CHUCHES, I like how that sounds!

  3. doc18 ages ago | reply

    do you think the owner will mind if I stick my face in it? :-P

  4. abiding adjustment [deleted] ages ago | reply

    yum, yum, yum! but hot dang, cavity alert!

  5. Eric Setiawan ages ago | reply

    yeah, i guess we all have difficult choices here :)

    #347 what should I choose?

  6. pink trade [deleted] ages ago | reply

    AWESOME colors!
    Your dentist won´t like that so much!

  7. moriza ages ago | reply

    Ha ha ha Doc, but I won't mind and I'll be ready with my cam ;)

    Rel, heeeiiii good to see you back! Yeah, dentist dreamland...

    Eric, at least her choice was limited by her reach.

    Gui Yeah, and the market use somehind of lights that boost up the colors!

  8. Nicolas* ages ago | reply

    thats a lot of sugar.

  9. Alfriston Cottage ages ago | reply

    ¿Conoces un grupo de los 90 llamado M PEOPLE?. Tienen un tema muy bueno, ONE NIGHT IN HEAVEN. El viodeoclip se rodó en Barcelona, Sitges y Montserrat. Te encantará y la canción es muy buena.

  10. moriza ages ago | reply

    Nico Sure was, lucky I am not prone to consume ;)

    Andy, Muchas Gracias. Sé del grupo. Conseguiré esa canción.

  11. yoshiko314 ages ago | reply

    Sweeeeeeeet world!

  12. [ CK ] ages ago | reply

    Mo... you know where all the good stuff is!! ~ I feel a cavity coming on just looking at this image :)

  13. racingsquirrel ages ago | reply

    I like this view into the candy pit.
    Very colourful view and a good eye to see it.

  14. fouramjava ages ago | reply

    Fun pic!!! I love your expression, pondering how many pounds to take home.

    I hope you brushed your teeth!!! :-)

  15. moriza ages ago | reply

    Thanks Yoshiko, Chris, Stephan and Laurie!!! For your SWEET but cavity free comments :D

  16. Scuzzi ages ago | reply

    WOW! i wish i was there. i love the candy store. =)

  17. moriza ages ago | reply

    Scuzzi It was crazy though, too much to choose from :)

  18. yorkers & hirosophy ages ago | reply

    Give us one, please :)))
    York & Sophy

  19. familiar support [deleted] ages ago | reply

    He usado esta imagen para ilustrar una anotación de mi blog, titulada "La paradoja de la elección"


  20. bronwynannh 96 months ago | reply

    this is a beaootiful image. I have used it in my teaching on a course blog - see: bestpracticeevaluation.blogspot.com/2010/09/week-seven-st...

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