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Ice Penguin Suits | by roΙΙi
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Ice Penguin Suits

Penguin Industries presents two brand-new suits for your ice-cold encounters in both research and military missions:


1. The I.C.E.

The Independent Cryo Explorer (I.C.E.) suit is the state-of-the-art protective gear for research missions in ice-cold terrain. Equipped with X2 boost flippers and all-new heating boots it is perfect for both underwater and ground exploring. Add the backpack satellite connection and your penguin explorer is perfectly equipped to discover new findings in ice cube matters.


2. The P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

You need to send your penguins into conflicts and combat maneuvers? The brand new Pro-active ENdurance Ground & Underwater INfantry (P.E.N.G.U.I.N.) suit is equipped to ensure that your troops will have the upper hand in any surrounding: Night-vision googles, laser implants and advanced radio equipment combined with heating boots, MARKII rocket boost flippers as well as overhauled rebreathing hardware form a state-of-the-art suit of armor.


Invest now! Your penguins will thank you!

Inquires to be sent to Penguin Industries, Antarctica, the leading manufacturer of ice-proof penguin gear.




Being friends with the wonderful Chris Perron introduces you to a wild variety of adorable Ice Penguin matters – having known him for quite a while now it is astounding that I have never built anything in this adorable space sub-genre.


Last week I came across the new Powerpuff girls heads which inspired me to build the little tactical penguin suit on the right, allowing for a not-so-serious take on MAKtober’s bulbous suits and vehicle designs. Immediately it was obvious that a more proper Ice Planet one had to follow leading to the explorer on the left!


I hope you enjoy these two adorable designs! :)

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Uploaded on October 3, 2017