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A discreet squeeze of the thigh and rub of the knee,

this is not your typical romance.

Taking the circumstances into consideration,

this is just where we need to be.


Prolonged vacancies of affection make each touch immaculate,

your charming dapper and cunning precense are always absorbed in my soul.

Every time we are together,

you peel me apart like a flower beginning to bloom.

I am content, I am happy, but now - you are gone.


I long for the simplicity brought about by your smile,

and the sound of your voice whispering to me, saying

"It's okay, we'll be together soon."


I am brought back to that first night we were together,

you told me you were happy and content,

our lives were about to bring about a whirlwind of experiences, and emotions.


We were ready.


That first time you left, you caused a sea of emotions in me

it was not intentional, and you did not hurt me, but I was sad.

My reason to smile was being ripped out of my life -

now that is not fair.


I look to the stars, and remember that night,

shivering with the fear of what was to come,

conversing over reunion,

we knew we did not have much time left together.

A realization which caused me to give you laconic answers,

when you deserved more.


Now, you are off, and I am alone

looking at the stars,

remember that evening, reminiscing over your imperturbable


you being strong, and honest - for me.


I was able to tell you all my hopes and dreams,

your debonair was always so reassuring.


As I lie and wait for your return,

I am left to tell my hopes and dreams to the stars

hoping that they will somehow reach you.

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Taken on September 12, 2012