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My Saving Grace | by Morgana Hilra
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My Saving Grace


So turns out that I might have another small problem. I'm going to have to do these posts in spurts. Turns out I get really tired of having to lean over the laptop. It's not that I have to lean so much as I have to lean forward and down. it Takes a lot of energy out of me trying to hold My body in that direction. So, I am going to post this photo for now. And I will either do the actual blog post later on today, or tomorrow. Again my Saving Grace is Paige and you all should thank her. Cuz at least I have this to use until we can figure out what's going on with my computer.


Now that being said I need some advice. We have tried to replace the power supply and when Jim, the guy who installed it turned it on what happened was it turned on for like a Split Second... maybe not exactly "on" but the light flashed. Tell us that it's at least getting power. So the Question is, what could it possibly be? His idea is that possibly, maybe when it turned off, I tried to turn it on subconsciously... I don't remember doing that but who knows. And it could have fried the motherboard. When he examined the motherboard it didn't look like there was anything wrong. he builds computers. Always has built computers. We don't know what is causing it. So if there's anyone out there who knows computer and has an idea please run it by me so that I can run it by him and we can try and fix this. It's really sucks too because we just got some extra money and I technically could get a power supply but if it's not the power supply then what could it possibly be.

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Uploaded on August 9, 2020