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October 31 - Voudalak, the Kukuthi-Drakul

Halloween Advent 2011 - Figure Calendar


"The silver moon is full, the far-off stars are bright;

Yet deep is the darkness of this silent night.

Dark clouds suddenly form, hiding all the light;

Sinister shadows fall, obscuring all from sight.


Then, cloaked in blackness, something evil comes fourth;

As heartless as a stone, and as cold as the north.

It rises into the sky on great silent wings,

Gone to spread fear among the helpless beings.


Some will bow before this beast,

And sit with him at his unholy feast;

Raising blood-filled glasses with a grin,

To toast a world of madness, chaos, and sin."


— Sloane Jensen



* BrickForge: Vambraces

* BrickTW: Skirt

* Non-LEGO: Shoulders, Wings, Legs/Feet

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