• peek-a-boo - Kitten Krieger
  • It's his hand. :)
  • I don't know why, but that looks like Harry Potter to me. ;o - lLikePi
  • Ha! Now that you mention it, it really does...
  • Expelliamus!!! - Prønk_54
  • I thought it was a trans clear piece with a little scene photoshopped into it, of a boy and his dog and a big floating box. That turned out really cool. - Rick_3691
  • Indeed,
    I love this figure because it seems his head is almost like a fish bowl.
    Holding peoples souls inside.
    Just my opinion ;) - Tøxicbricks

The Mysterious Mr. Albemarles

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”Velvet drapes, glowing candles,
silent whispers of words inside my head.
The night that comes, it waits for me,
lifts me to the ending of another day.

I'm haunted.

Tell me who you are; I am spellbound,
You cannot have this control on me.
Everywhere I go, I am spellbound.
I will break the spell you put on me.”

— Lacuna Coil

* Coat by MMCB

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  1. Morgan190 65 months ago | reply

    All official LEGO parts except the coat, which is by MMCB.

    The shiny head piece is from 2008's Yoda pen and was the catalyst for this figure.

  2. dover ☄ 65 months ago | reply

    i thought the head was clear, like a crystal ball. I'm still having a hard time seeing it as reflective.

  3. Kitten Krieger 65 months ago | reply

    Very mysterious indeed...

  4. Zeessi 65 months ago | reply

    VERY nice, I'm really enjoying this. :)

  5. Legohaulic 65 months ago | reply

    I really like it but I didn't know that the head was shiny until I read you remarks. I just assumed that it was clear. Perhaps if the background or the light behind the fig wasn't the same color as what it's reflecting it would appear more shiny. But maybe that's just me. Great stuff regardless.

  6. lLikePi 65 months ago | reply

    Whoa, that looks awesome! The shiny ball for the head confused me for a few seconds...

  7. Morgan190 65 months ago | reply

    Shiny or clear, it's just supposed to be otherwordly-- I'm fine with either interpretation. Part of the mystery. ;)

    I removed the reflection of my hands and the camera from the "head"-- their absence might be having an effect on the reflection's recognizability as well.

  8. Nannan Z. 65 months ago | reply

    How well do those pen beads fit with normal parts like the torso? Also, is the hat just balanced on top or is there a connection?

  9. bluemoose 65 months ago | reply

    Great fig, very, as you say, otherworldy ... I think the thing that throws me most about the head being mirrored is that I can't see my reflection in it ... which I guess means I'm a vampire, and that worries me ...

  10. Morgan190 65 months ago | reply

    Nannan: The bead goes on well, but with some work: it's a tight fit and I needed to use a grippy rubber jar opener to get it off afterwards. The top of the bead will fit a regular stud loosely but made the hat too tall; it's just balancing in this case.

  11. captainsmog 65 months ago | reply

    Exellent steam custom minifig!
    I'love it!

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