VW Mk7 GTI RS on Vossen Forged VPS-317 Wheels - Ocean City, MD
The first of many photoshoots of the Mk7 GTI RS build, this was the Monday after the car’s official debut as part of Top Dawg at H2O International. Staged up in one of the most overused locations in all of Ocean City, Maryland (behind Roses’ on 94th), my pal and very talented photographer, Josh Brown, met up for a few clicks before we took an easy Monday afternoon cruise back up the coast to New York. Josh is one of the most talented photographers I’ve had the pleasure of calling a friend over the years, and it was like pure destiny that our schedules aligned and I was able to make a few of the first snaps of the mostly-finished GTI RS build a duo with its blatant inspiration, a white Porsche GT3. Click here to visit www.gti-rs.com and learn more about the car!

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