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Al Sahara

I took this shot just over a year ago, at the end of December while travelling in the Aïr Mountains, in Northern Niger. After a couple of days of four-wheel-driving through the rocky wastes of what have to be some of the most desolate stretches of landscape on the planet, our guide brought us out onto the sandy plains near the Tizirzak Oasis. I can honestly say that I have seen few more beautiful landscapes in my life.


For me this picture reminds me not only of that trip, but captures the essence both of the Aïr Mountains, and in my mind's eye, everything that the Sahara Desert stands for. I could have spent a month up there taking photos of the changing light on those wonderful dunes, but unfortunately I had a little over 12 hours to enjoy the place- a single afternoon and night, and we were gone the next day. When I was told that we would be travelling to the sand-dunes of the desert, I was excited, but I wasn't prepared for just how dramatic the scene would be.


For a long while, this was the favourite of my photos that I have taken. I'm not sure if it still is or not, but it's certainly up there in the top two or three. I hope you enjoy it as well.


As for me, I want to go back!


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Tizirzak, on the edge of the Sahara Desert, Niger. December 2005.

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Taken on January 3, 2007