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Burney Falls, California, Waterfall Wonder

Its like striking gold for waterfall fans like me. You get about one thousand waterfalls for the price of one. Over one million gallons a day flow over this paradise in north California in the Shasta Lassen region. Sorry this doesnt come with water music as the sound is part of the glory. Had I known it was this good I would have traveled here long ago. Its the part of the state that gets so much snow that the national park closes for six months. So even though we are in a drought this falls is flowing like a wild and free monument to nature's creative power.

Its about a one hour drive from Redding and an easy walk to the base with great views you can even fish in the pool if you have a permit. I was reminded of some of the great waterfalls I have seen in Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State and Yosemite. There is camping available here and a large lake for recreation boats about a mile away. Its a great place for a picnic and there is a little store but its best to bring your own food treats as they have small supplies.

If you are coming out this way make it a day trip or longer and include the nearby Lassen National Park in your visit. The sleeping vocano there is the first in the Cascade chain of mountians in Califoria that extends on up to Canada. This state park is fully named McCartney-Burney Park. President Teddy Roosevelt called it the eighth wonder of the world during one of his train, car, horse visits here. He was just as dazzled as most people are.

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Taken on September 25, 2009