Ghazala DIY iPad Audio Desk
So many cool experimental music apps on the iPad! But what a lousy interface. Dealing with dongles to get audio into and out of the thing is a pain.

This desk allows all jacks to be mounted on the aluminum case for easy access. Plus, jacks are upgraded from dongly 1/8" mini to standard 1/4".

The feel is nice, the whole thing is lightweight and back-packable.

With the iPad at a comfortable playing angle and held stationary by the desk, and with the superior audio ins and outs, it becomes a much more serious and friendly music tool.

This is not an expensive project. I found the case on sale, and all together, using mostly parts at hand (I buy surplus - recommended), I might have $50 in the breakout itself.

No - the iPad is not cheap. But the apps are, and are many. A loaded iPad saves a ton of cash over the same number of main-framed instruments (what would 50-100 Kaossilators cost?).

This gallery will explain how the breakout works and how I built it. Be sure to see the tech notes (including revisions) at the end.

Here's the youtube movie link...

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